2 Ways to Bring More Traffic to Your Website Within 90 Days

I know that the biggest issue for most companies and solopreneurs starting out is getting traffic to their website within the 9- days without having to spend too much money on paid advertising or spending countless hours writing blog articles. So I’m going to share with you two strategies that I feel could assist you in speeding up that process.

Focus on influencer marketing


We’ve seen the Kardashians do it for years and it’s your turn. Within your industry, there are industry leaders that actually engage within their communities that could assist you in bringing in quality traffic to your website.

Your first step is looking at 20 different influencers within your industry that offer the type numbers and engagement that you’re looking for. You will be searching for them via Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The numbers of followers don’t matter as much as the engagement. So as you review different social accounts look at how these people are responding to comments, consistency of the posting schedule and how long they’re taking to actually engage with the community.

Once you build that list of people you can start cold-emailing them.

Here is a template to follow:

Hello {Insert Name},

My name is {insert your name} and I own {insert company}. I was reviewing your social media following and engagement and I feel that my product or service {Insert name} could really assist within your community.

I was wondering if you had 10 minutes to discuss a partnership in some form of having my product or service be offered within your community.

I’ve included within this email the {product or service} to review so you have a better understanding of exactly what I’ve created and presenting to you.

Thank you,

{Insert name}

On the blog Business 2 Community, they shared a great article on reviewing the various influencer marketing platforms that I found to be very useful. Read about the most popular influencer marketing websites.

Invest in Facebook Advertising

I’m not going to go through the basic information about setting up a fan page. We’re going to dive into more targeted information within this section.

Facebook advertising is one of the most crucial areas of advertising to grow your business. The low cost and very detailed platform where you could target your products and services to your core persona are just quite amazing.

I’m going to assume that you already placed your Facebook Pixel on your website. If you didn’t then read this blog article on how to install a Facebook pixel.

Once you’ve done that you’re all set with retargeting your website visitors that are going to be coming to your website for the top of the funnel traffic.

When you begin this process you’re going to want to build out your Facebook ad for conversions to the website. You want to start sending the top of the funnel traffic to your blog post, landing page or sales page so that you can start building numbers in traffic to convert for the top of the funnel.

While sometimes top of the funnel traffic doesn’t convert over you’re now slowly building a website audience to retarget to through Facebook at a lower PPC value. When you’re doing something like that you can change the value prop to something more congruent that would convert a bit better.

With Facebook, you can build out various audience groups that fit the persona that you’re trying to target. Understand that when you narrow down this audience it’s just going to be easier for you to convert that traffic that you’re sending.

There is no perfect ad template but testing different ad segments, landing pages or blog posts. So don’t let any “guru” tell you other wise.

Here are a list of Facebook advertising recommendations to look into:

Rick Mulready

Amy Porterfield